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Stephanie was diagnosed with a chd at 20 week scan. Once she was born and were able to do a scan on her rather than through me they told us it was more complicated than they first thought. Diagnoses- tetralogy of fall of with disconnected lpa, dilated right ventricle with free pulmonary regurgitation, hypoplastic right pulmonary artery.
At 10 days old she went into heart failure and after finally getting a surgeon to operate after others had said no she was too wee not strong enough the op was too big and complicated she went for her first open heart surgery.
At 7 weeks old was in theatre for 13 1/2 hours and fought so hard to stay with us. 
She has had 3 since then the most recent being end of June 2017 and will need many more as it can't be cured only kept stable with surgery. 
She surprises us and doctors and surgeons every time with the fight she has in her and always manages a smile. Stephanie is truly our little braveheart so proud of her fight and courage everyday she is our heart hero .



Noah was due to be born on the 3rd December 2015 but decided he didn’t want to come at that time. 
I ended up going into hospital on the 16th December to be induced. 
On the morning of the 18th December things finally
started to progress. However, I was in active labour (without apparently showing signs) and had dilated 9cm in 4 hours. 
By which time Noah was in complete distress.
His heart rate had dipped dramatically for a certain period of time and it was decided they would burst my waters and take me to theatre for an emergency c-section with a general anaesthetic. 
Noah was born at 13:15 and required 2 rounds of cpr
before they finally got him breathing for himself. 
He got transferred to another hospital as they first thought it was his lungs. 
When the performed an echo they diagnosed him with transposition of the great arteries and he was immediately
transferred to Leeds. 
I followed a few hours later by separate ambulance. 
Once at Leeds he underwent a balloon septostomy which should have taken around half an hour but ended up taking 4 hours. They couldn’t do it through his femeral artery and
needed to use his umbilicus (his belly button essentially saved his life). 
Once that was done he required a blood transfusion and was put on a lot of different medication for pain and to control his blood pressure. 
They believed he may have had brain damage due to the lack of oxygen at birth but fortunately that is not the case.
He slowly progressed to 11 days old when he underwent the switch operation which took 8 hours. 
He spend 36 hours on paediatric intensive care and was then
transferred to cardiac hdu then to the ward. 
All in all it took 5 days for him to recover from his operation and we were able to take him home on the 3rd January 2016.
The rest, as they say, is history xx



This is Arin. 
We were told he had tricuspid atresia when I was 20weeks pregnant. 
I was offered a termination. 
Arin was born at 38 weeks weighing 5lb 15oz. 
At birth we were told about 
TGA,*transposition of the great arteries 
VSD * Ventricular Septal Defect
and ASD. *Atrial Septal Defect 

He had a balloon procedure at 4 days old through the umbilical cord which was unsuccessful. 
He had his last rights read to him 4 times in the first year of life as we were told he wasn't going to pull through everything they had done.
When he was about 2 years old we were told he has mitral valve regurgitation. 
He has had all stages of surgery. 
Next stage will be transplant. He has had lots of issues but he is a happy boy.



This is Finlay he is 4. 
He has COA and BAV found by chance as he had a murmur at his 6 week check for a small hole between the chambers. 
He has just recently had a stent put in and all seems to be going well, however they have now found a new narrowing that is in a more complex position. 
Thankfully they are just going to monitor it for now as with his BAV. 
Finlay has been a superstar this year even though he has found it all quite scary and overwhelming. 
When he was a baby it was much easier on him as he didn't
Finlay will have future surgery but we are hoping this is a good few years away so he is less scared and understands things better. 
On top of poor Finlay having his op and numerous tests he has had a difficult couple of years with me (mum) being ill. 
He is a very sensitive wee boy and has found it hard to see me having operations and being unable to do things. We are hoping for a less stressful year for him this year.







Here is Caleb's journey so far.......

Caleb was diagnosed with a Hypoplastic Left Heary syndrome at 20 week scan. I Was offered a termination but turned it down. I was induced at 39 weeks at the rvi and gave birth and he weighed 7lb 10oz. Caleb was then later transferred to the freeman hospital we he was to receive his treatment.
At 4 days old he went for the first part of his open heart surgery which was the norwood. He had more heart surgeries to try and help him along while a solution was worked on. Due to the pressures in his heart not being right it was looking less and less likely that a second stage operation (the glen) was an option so a transplant was looking like the best option. Which he had on the 10th May 2016

He surprised us and doctors and surgeons every time with the fight he had in him and always managed a big smile. Caleb is truly our little braveheart so proud of his fight and courage everyday he is our heart hero.









I lost my first baby in October 2017 at one day old , he was born 6 weeks early and everyone thought he was healthy
He showed no signs.
He was really ill and we got transferred from Crosshouse hospital to Queen Elizabeth hospital and had to get an operation at one day old because he had a hole in his bowel but it was just too much for him and he couldn’t make it. 
He also had e coli in his blood system. 
Fly high little man x







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